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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many picks do you post each day?

The number of picks varies depending on the day, along with how many games are being played on that specific day. Typially we post anywhere from 1 to 4 picks per day.

2. When are picks posted?

All picks are posted at least one hour prior to game start. You will receive an email once Today's card is ready and posted. We recommend to turn on our post/story notifications on Instagram to never miss out on any updates.

3. Where can I find today's picks?

Once the official card is finalized, all picks can be found under the "Your Picks" page once you Log In. If you are an active member you will have access to the card. If you are currently not on a membership you will not be able to view the picks posted.

4. What sports do you offer?

The DSP team offers NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and both college basketball and football.

5. What is your win percentage?

Since 2013, we have maintained a winning rate of 73%.

6. Do you use a unit system?

Yes, please read the "Units" page. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

7. Do you offer any refunds?

Please be advised that all purchases are final and will not be refunded. 

8. Do you offer any discounts?

All prices posted are final. We do not offer any discounts unless otherwise stated.

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